Monday, 2 April 2012


What do jimi Hendrix charlie Parker john lennon john Coltrain bob Marley and duke Ellington have incommon? they where all self taught or at least not taught in insitutions,infact most of the important and infuencial musicians of modern music, where self taught, and l beleive this is one of the keys to their greatness,most people who study how to compose loose some degree of creativity because of there studies.the primory reason for this is the blocking of the subconscious creative process by rote learning.Creativity and inspiration are largely the resolt of the subconscious when we study how to make music we train the mind to think and analyse while we create this conscious dialog blocks the subconscious flow,the well trained composer is generaly full of good craftmanship but lacks spontainaty and originality,but what of the great composers most of who where well trained in composition, l beleive they would have been even better if they had less compositional why do we value training, titles and degrees so much? simply because humans are materialist we value the tangible over the intangible ,yet l beleive the most important element in music( and life) is what is unknown and undefinible. creativity can not to measured out or controlled ,it just is. that is the reason for its great value to we human being who are normally burdened with to many material concerns.FOR MORE BLOGS AND ARTICALS GO TO, ONE DARYL SPRAKE COMPOSER .COM

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