Thursday, 29 March 2012


The greatest killers and murders in histrory are not Adolf Hitler Joseph Stalin or Gengis Khan,but those involved in the the destruction of the worlds rain forests.Over half of all life forms on planet earth live in these forests, when these forests are gone over half of all the living things on earth will be gone to.The destruction of rainforest not only exterminates whole species,it also destroys whole eco systems,and has serious consequences for the ecology of the whole planet.despite this no international systems are in place to protect the worlds rain forests,and wonton destruction and plunder of these places of greatest biodiversity continues every day.lncrediblely rain forest is still seen as a resouce even though tropical rain forest can not be replanted.and despite the fact that many of the worlds most indangered species live in these forests.
 MeanwhileThe criminals who perpetrate this mass extermination, walk free every day no international  criminal court is seeking them for crimes against life,no system of sanctions exist to punish governments of counties that destroy their rain forests,and most importantly there is no general public concern, no goverment is worried about losing power or votes over this issue. this clearly shows the utter moral bankruptcy of human placing our selves and our needs in a position above that of all other species ,we have created the basis for the destruction of all major life forms on earth including our selves, for although we have been able to bypass the laws of natural selection in our recent history, natural selection will soon become an active force in human destiny once more.and the laws of evolutuon and natural selection decrees, that species that monopolize the resouses of their environment to the exclusion of other life forms must eventually exterminate themselves.FOR MORE BLOGS AND ARTICALS GO TO, ONE DARYL SPRAKE COMPOSER.COM

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