Friday, 27 April 2012


Human progress has always been at the expence of other life forms.all the various collective activaties that consitute human civilization have ultimately been destructive to life on earth,advances in science and technology have been used to plunder and dominate nature .virtually every part of the planet has been polluted thousands of species have been exterminated, forests ,wet lands and reefs have been devastated . through out history civilizations that where relatively more advanced in technology have been place on a level above that of less technological cultures even though the achievements of many past civilizations were based on slavery ,war, despotism ,and untold human suffering. technological progess has also fueled human kinds collective arrogence and conceit creating a mind set that we are so exceptional and extraordinary we don’t need to adapt our behaviour to the world in which we live,but can continue to plunder and dominate indefinity. human civilization and progress has been a disaster for life on earth. But Because human morality is human centric and excludes the rights and needs of other species,we are blind to the real negitive consequences of human civilization .but what we fail to see most is how this so called progress is not in the long term interest of human beings overpopulating the planet and over consuming all natural resources ,we are in the prosess of self destuction. the planet can adapt to the changes that we are making to the worlds ecology; it is humans who will not be able to adapt .this will lead to mass famine, disease, war and economic collapes.human civilization has failed because it is based on a the falsehood of human superioraty. only by living in harmony with other life forms can human prosper and live happy meaning full lives. our present alienated, greed and power based culture will collapes, distroying most other life forms on earth in the proses,whether in the long run humans can learn from their mistakes l dont know.if not, humans have no long term future in this world. .FOR MORE BLOGS AND ARTICALS GO TO, ONE DARYL SPRAKE COMPOSER.COM

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