Sunday, 25 March 2012

why is contemporary music so bad

why is contemporary music regardless of style so bad? lve heard many theorys such as the dominance of technology in the music making process, the short sightedness of record companies;however to me none of these theorys get to the bottom of the problem.I think the crux of the problem is cultural decline due to our increasing alienation from nature. The advance of technology means we interact more with machines and less with other living things.the international economy runs on a rigid  scedule, allowing us less time to interact with the more intricate rhythms of nature; also in rich countries when individuals acquire enough serplus capital, communities tend to collapse. cooperating and helping others so they will help you in times of need becomes less important, so traditions which bind people together are lost.individuals become isolated,and more dependant on machines and technology for entertainment.I beleive that the true source of inspiration is nature ,not just living with nature, but living in accordance with our true human nature as well.As modern life forces us to be more like machines we are loosing this innate source of inspiration, and the resolt is dead culture and dead music.
I have no overall solution for this problem.there are certain things that can be done to ameliorate some aspects of the problem.but an overall solution seems impossable.l do however have my own kind of individual 2002 l moved to an isolated area on the island of java, indonesia.l live in a small community(only 30 permant residances) by the indian ocean. when l'm not walking along the coast l'm composing music. the music l write is without referance to the latest trends , or comparisons to what is happening else where.taking its inspiration directly from the local enviroment.
anyway this is my own personal way of dealing with cultural decline, l would like to hear from other artist and musicians who have come up with their own personal solutions to this problem. keep creating,daryl sprake. FOR MORE BLOGS AND ARTICALS GO TO, ONE DARYL SPRAKE COMPOSER.COM

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